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Bonnie Rotten Announces Her Return to Porn

Well, we’ve got some Rotten news.

The 2014 winner of AVN’s Performer of the Year award is primed for a comeback as an on-camera performer! In a tweet that coincided with her birthday yesterday, Bonnie Rotten announced that she has signed with Brazzers as a contract star. Known for her edgy, alt-girl vibe and distinctive tattoos (including the unmistakable spider-web designs that fan out across her breasts), Bonnie has long been a fan favorite, and her return was applauded by fans and industry pros alike. Her comeback will be marked by a slightly different look — the pic that accompanied the announcement featured Bonnie with a new blond hairdo in place of her more familiar brunette appearance.

Rotten largely stopped performing in 2015 after having a baby and took to Twitter to explain the situation: “I did what I needed to create a life for myself and my family. I had a respectful high level career where I succeeded everything I ever wanted to and achieved all I needed while being healthy and safe.I  have no shame in what I did. Will it be hard to explain when my kid is grown yes. It will. But I am prepared for that. My child will live a fantastic life with me and its father and family around it. It won’t interfere with my child’s life it will be so far in the past, it won’t matter.” This seemed to close the door on Rotten’s on-camera career, but if there’s one thing that’s axiomatic in porn, it’s that retirements are seldom for keeps.

She continued to direct, including efforts for Juicy Entertainment, but she remained largely out of the camera’s eye. She also released a series of sex toys under Bonnie Rotten Black Label. Rotten became an instant sensation when she made her porn debut in 2012, collected numerous AVN and XBIZ awards, and was consistently one of the highest-ranked stars on Adult Empire during her heyday. Now she seems positioned to return to her prior position of glory!

Keep an eye on Bonnie’s pornstar page for her comeback scenes, which will likely see release on Brazzers DVD and VOD.

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