‘Women Getting Even’ Takes It Back to the ’80s

The cover of Women Getting Even has smudges and fading price labels, like a well-worn erotic paperback. The stars of the movie have flamboyant “big hair” coiffures. Director Jacky St. James grew up in the 1980s, and she’s taking it all the way back in her newest feature porn movie. Nostalgia is king these days, and Women Getting Even combines a fondness for the ’80s with a 9 to 5style empowerment plot.

“1980s was a great time where women were becoming empowered and more doors were opening for them, but it was still a struggle for a lot of women,” St. James told XBIZ. “So, it’s the perfect backdrop to this story of smart, accomplished women trying to overcome the sexism and lack of respect from their bosses. It’s a great vehicle for our talented cast to channel their inner naughty girl and turn the tables on these men who are trying to keep them down!”

The story centers on Gia Paige, an ambitious new member of a 1980s real estate firm. Relegated to mundane administrative tasks, she quickly discovers that sexism is one glass ceiling she won’t be able to break with simple hard work. “When Mr. Sterling hired me, he said that as soon as there was an opening, I could start selling. That was six years ago,” warns established co-worker Mercedes Carrera. What’s an ’80s woman to do in such a situation? Play hardball, of course! Paige and Carrera decide to get rid of their piggish male colleagues via a series of elaborate schemes. In one scenario, she exposes Chad White as a cheater by snatching his discarded clothes at a very inopportune moment. In another, Jasmine Jae is recruited to leave Ryan Ryder quite literally tied to his bed. Women Getting Even also makes some fun references to the classic real estate sales movie and play Glengarry Glen Ross, right down to the obsession with getting good sales “leads.” It’s sex trumping sexism in the classic Jacky St. James style!

Pulse Pictures also recently got in on the 1980s nostalgia boom with NOT Traci Lords XXX: ’80s Superstars Reborn.

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